International Chips

Our history

International Chips operates in Domodossola since 1975 in a facility of 6,000 smq,

 Born as a producer of abrasive plastic media for surfaces mass treatment, later in the course of the years, in order to meet the needs of an increasingly wide clientèle, International Chips has invested in research and development and in human resources widening the range of its production lines.

 We started out producing polyester resin media and we expanded into flexible grinding wheels with polyurethane bonding agents for the finishing of metal surfaces, diamond tools in resin for finishing, squaring and chamfering ceramic tiles.

Spheres and micro spheres used to produce abrasive segments, rollers and high quality grinding wheels, e abrasive plastic media for wet processing are now also in the list of our products.

 Building on the many years experience in the various fields of surface’s finishing and stimulated by international demands for industrial low environmental impact products, in 2008 International Chips patented and proposed ECOS PROJECT, a technology for dry vibratory mass surface’s finishing for any type of material.

In 2019 International Chips joined the Group Surfaces with which, it will be able too express the best of its potential in the world market thanks to its organization and to the extensive commercial network.