Responsabilità sociale

Doing business in the social field

From the beginning of 2015 we decided to collaborate to the initiatives supported by the following associations:

"I Bambini delle Fate" is a no profit organization that sponsors social projects managed by parents associations, institutions or hospitals, directed at kids and children with autism and disabilities.

The association "Frida’s Friends onlus" aims to disseminate the knowledge and practice of Pet Therapy, a natural method often decisive for the treatment of pathologies such as relational problems, lack of self-esteem, reduced mobility, autism, Down syndrome, depression.

Company Solidarity Found in which participate almost all International Chips workers. Created 4 years ago with the aim to pursue exclusively social solidarity aims through financial aid bestowed upon request of people that due to a period of recession are in financial problems. The workers who participate have agreed to pay a monthly contribution fixed in consideration of one working hour per month. The company pays to the found the same amount paid monthly by the workers. These founds allow us to open work scholarships, to give shopping vouchers to families with financial difficulties or to intervene in emergency situations by paying bills, wood or small daily expenses.