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International Chips designs and manufactures every type of tool and the whole range of abrasive media even tailor made.

Our laboratory technicians and those in the test department of the research centre will create together with you the perfect abrasive media for your processes.

We can propose you high performance plastic abrasive media obtained with special resins, to ensure greater rapidity of the processing cycles or lower consumption. We can choose together the ideal size of the media on the basis of the tests made directly on your products to be sifted and provide you accurate information on how to convert your processing from wet to dry.

Our diamond tools can fit any type of fitting and be produced, according to your indications, on custom formulations editable in time, as well as all our flexible polyurethane wheels in which we can vary the hardness and the type of abrasive.

Even RODOR spheres, like any International Chips product, can be proposed according to their destination in various formats and agglomerating between them different abrasive media also supplied directly by the customer.

Abrasives plastic media
International chips media are produced with special polyester resins which increase the performance reducing the quantities used
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Squaring and chamfering diamond wheels
Resin diamond tools for squaring, chamfering and micro chamfering glazed and porcelain stoneware tiles
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Elastic Sander Wheels
Finishing and Polishing of steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, wood, ceramics, glass
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Rodor and Microrodor
RODOR® spheres, in silicon carbide and in corundum, are manufactured with organic and inorganic synthetic agglomerating, which ensure perfect adhesion between the individual abrasive grains, and...
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Abrasive plastic media for dry applications
With ECOS abrasive plastic media for dry applications, there is a revolution in the field of the vibratory finishing, tanks to innovative working cycles without the use ofwater
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Dry squaring diamond wheels
When used with mono-porous tiles, they guarantee the absolute absence of enamels chipping, recovering those caused by metal wheels
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Pins sander and freecut
Abrasive tools for low stock removal and excellent quality finish for steel, light alloys and precious metals
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Rectangular abrasive pads
Finishing and polishing on sander, steel, diamonds and wood
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Ghibli wheels
Finishing and polishing in the following sectors: steel, non-ferrous materials, marble, ceramics, wood, titanium, precious metals
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Diamond lapping tools
Suitable for operations of mirror polishing, semi-polishing of glazed and porcelain stoneware tiles, specifically designed and developed for any different type of material to be polished
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